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Model Shown:  ALPHA 140  -  3 Seater SOFA BED with KING SIZE Sprung Mattress

Our Contract Sofa Beds have changed many people's perception in the hospitality sector when they see the sofa bed in operation. We found that not many people in the accommodation sector had a good word for their sofa beds and our recent research with hospitality housekeepers has expressed concerns such as:-

  • Nowhere to put scatter cushions or pillows

  • Difficulty in opening and closing the bed

  • Reliability and durability of mechanism

  • Difficult to move when cleaning of floor is required

  • Expensive to purchase and maintain repairs

  • Quality of the mattress

  • Quality of the sleep which is generally poor

  • Time taken to prepare the bed

Our Contract Sofa Beds are made to a standard where we expect them to be used every night as a comfortable bed and all day as a conventional sofa. They open and close with ease, you don’t have to remove the cushions and the transition from Sofa to Bed and bed to sofa takes seconds. They are designed so that every part of the sofa bed can be replaced if damaged or soiled. The sleeping areas are of generous widths and full length which is complimented with a very comfortable mattress to sleep on.


All Sofa Beds are developed and manufactured by us. The bed mechanism is made in Western Europe, the sofa materials and mattresses are manufactured in the UK and all upholstery fabrics conform to Crib 5 FR specification and are UK sourced.

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