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Assembly of the SOFA BED

Conventional sofa beds are usually made by fitting an individual bed mechanism to the inside of the sofa frame to create a sofa bed. Our Contract Sofa Bed is very different as it is designed around an independent Roll Out Bed Mechanism, and then we attach the component parts of a sofa to this mechanism to create the finished sofa bed product. Emphasis is on the operation and reliability of the bed mechanism coupled together with the comfort of a Sofa and Bed.


The sofa bed is brought to the room in kit form and assembled on site, this only takes a short period of time. This avoids the difficulties of bringing a full made sofa through the hotel which sometimes requires doors removing and additional assistance from staff. Also you can install the sofa bed in some very tight locations.

All our Contract Sofa Beds are developed and manufactured by us. The bed mechanism is made in Western Europe, the sofa materials and mattresses are manufactured in the UK and all upholstery fabrics conform to Crib 5 FR specification and are UK sourced.

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