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The original Hall & Letts Ltd started in Blackburn in 1987 with 3 partners Dennis, Tony & Mike, manufacturing and supplying textiles to the accommodation market. 18 years later with 70 employees, a multi million pound turnover and an excellent products and customer service record the business was acquired by a national laundry organisation and the 3 partners took early retirement in 2006. The laundry business also purchased Mitre Textiles and both businesses were merged into Mitre – Hall & Letts and trade continued in the textile sector.


11 years later on, Dennis met up with Mike and asked whether he would be interested in a special product he had come across which was a Contract Sofa Bed for the accommodation sector but in a very different guise to the conventional sofa beds currently available. Mike was interested in the concept and undertook some market research which was positive and so decided to invest in the manufacturing and installation this new type of Contract Sofa Bed specifically for the accommodation sector.


In late 2016 the Mitre – Hall & Letts business had been sold and that the new owners had dropped the Hall & Letts name. After checking with Companies House we successfully acquired the Hall & Letts Ltd company name. Manufacturing started in early 2017 and the  previous successful business model was applied to the new business.


Our aspiration is to become the best Contract Sofa Bed supplier in the UK and to achieve this success we will offer excellent products and customer service as we had previously done as Hall & Letts Ltd.

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