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The ALPHA Contract Sofa Bed is proving to be our most popular model for the accommodation market. It is a practical sofa with clean lines coupled with a minimalistic design. The seat cushions are filled with Reflex Foam and are very comfortable to sit on and the mattress is made with a 14 cm Bonnell Spring unit affording a good nights slumber.


The ALPHA has an integrated pillow holder within the back seat cushion which can be used to store pillows when used as a sofa or store your loose scatter cushions when used as a bed.












The sofa bed is brought to the room in kit form (see Sofa Kit video) and assembled on site, which only takes a short period of time. This avoids the difficulties of bringing a full made sofa through the hotel which sometimes requires doors removing and additional assistance from staff. Also you can install the sofa bed in some very tight locations.


The ALPHA is available in 4 width sizes  - see size chart below - and 2 manufactured style options - as shown below. It is available in many fabric types, designs and colour options.

All sizes are approximate

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